A Community of Makers

If "making" with fibre, yarn, thread, paper, reed, bark or textiles interests you, you are welcome to join us. Our emphasis is on learning, exploring, self-expression and sharing. We are a community where you can interact, share experiences, be inspired, ask questions, learn techniques, and build a network. You are welcome wherever you are in your creative journey from

beginner to expert. 

     We do not intend to have shows or sales.

We do support those who wish to participate in community sales or shows. 

Oceanside Fibre Connections (OFC)

meets at

The Bradley Centre 

975 Shearme Rd at Coombs on

Vancouver Island.

We meet every Monday, including holiday Mondays,

from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Special full day workshops are

held 4 times a year when there is

a 5th Monday of the month.

We communicate by email (fibreconnections@gmail.com), 

have a private group for members on Facebook and this website. 

Handwork is welcome and encouraged at all our events.




of the 


Word of the Month

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Word of the Month

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July, 2019 

Shared Learning


May, 2019

Word of the Month 

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February, 2019

Word of the Month - Waterfall

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Eco Dyeing Paper  

July, 2019

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