Our Meetings

1st Monday of the Month Gathering 

Our 1st Monday Gathering includes discussions relevant to our group and its activities, our Word of the Month projects and choosing a new word for next month, the What is? half hour presentation, and Show and Tell. 

9:30 am – 12:30 pm


3rd Monday of the Month Gathering 

Our 3rd Monday Gathering focuses on a Shared Learning event led by one of our members. These are fun opportunities to learn new techniques, and to

share experiences and resources. 

9:30 am – 12:30 pm


5th Monday of the Month Workshop 

A full day workshop, usually with a fee. The topics are chosen by the group and leaders may be from our group or the larger fibre community. 

Members have first choice to participate, if the workshop is not full, it is opened to other fibre art groups and friends. 

Our first Workshop was Block Printing on cloth with Margie Davidson.  

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


"Word of the Month" 

At our first meeting of the year, everyone chooses a noun, writes it down and puts it in a special bag. Then each month we pull a word from the bag to use as a point of inspiration for a piece in the technique(s) of your choice. 


Bring your piece to the first meeting of the following month. Big or small, just begun, in process or completed – it is all good. This is a chance to learn and play together. To see how each person interprets the word and how they express that in the medium of their choice. It is completely up to you to participate

and if life gets in the way, so be it. 


“What is?” 

A 20-minute presentation on some aspect of fibre practice, traditions, materials, techniques or artists. Presented by a member of our group who knows the topic well or wants to research a new topic and share with the group. 


Previous topics include What is Killam Fabric?, What is Boro and Extreme Mending?, What is Surface Design?, What are sources for natural dye plants?, What is your favourite glue and adhesive?, What is Needle Felting, Wet Felting and

Nuno Felting?, What is a Mordant? What is Distaff Day?. 


Show and Tell 

An opportunity to show your current Fibre Projects to an appreciative group. And to tell the group about community fibre events of interest to the group. 

A lively part of our morning full of ohs! and ahs! 


Shared Learning 

This is a three-hour hands-on session or workshop to explore fibre techniques and materials. There may be a mentor from the group or it may be a group discussion. Topics are chosen by the group at our annual brainstorming session in January. 


Previous topics include Bleach Discharge Dyeing, English Paper Piecing, Intro to Basket Making, Salish style weaving techniques, Small Vessel Felting, Eco-dyeing Bundles in the India Flint style, Mending and

the 242 Kilometer (150 Mile) Wardrobe, and Keeping an Art Journal.


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